Electronic Commerce Connection

About Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc.

Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. (ECC) was founded in 1995. ECC's primary focus is in the delivery of services in the electronic information industry. Our founders were pioneers in the information field and have hands-on experience in developing electronic and on-line information resource systems.

ECC, Inc. has consulted with many major industries and organizations, specializing in both SGML and XML technologies. We have supported many international electronic standards, including XML, XML/EDI, Universal Business Language (UBL), as well as vertical industry XML standards, such as legislation, railroad, library, finance, etc. We have implemented XML solutions for customers in all major vertical industries: e-business, publishing, aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and manufacturing.
Contact Information
Email: info@eccnet.com Phone: 410-787-9200 Address: Glen Burnie, Md 21060