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Electronic Commerce Connections clients and projects include:
 United States Congress
  • House of Representatives
  • United States Senate

 Smithsonian Institution

 Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget

 Insurance Standards
  • Consulted in the development of XML standard for global EDIFACT Joint Venture Reinsurance standard.

 EDI to XML Standards

 Active participant in ebXML

 International Publishers

 Airline Manufacturers (military and private)

 Major Information Systems providers

 Process Industries

 Scientific Publishers

 Telecommunications Corporations

 U.S. Navy

 Medical Publishers

 Involved in the ISO T184/Sc4/WG3/T14 Product Documentation Group

 Participated in the development of the standard for the Railroad Industry Forum (RIF) for the Electronic Parts Catalog Exchange Standard (EPCES)

Contact Information

Email:  info@eccnet.com
Phone: 410-787-9200
Address:  Glen Burnie, Md.

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