XML/EDI - Issues, Ideas, Practical Constraints


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Table of Contents

XML/EDI - Issues, Ideas, Practical Constraints

What We Cover

Current Use of EDI

Who Is Using X12 EDI?

Electronic Commerce (EC) Is More Than Just EDI

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)

EDI and XML working together?

XML - A Reasonable EDI Bridge for SME’s

Benefits to using XML?

Categories of eCommerce Exchanges

XML Enabled EDI

XML Benefits


DTD Information Objects

Information Objects

Common Structures

Reusable Information

Reusable Content

We Need XLink

Analysis Process

XML/EDI Still Requires Analysis

Information and Process Analysis

Take Advantage of Experience

Mapping EDI to XML DTDs

EDI (X12) to XML Example

EDI Segments/Semantics

Resulting DTD Fragment

The Debate Elements vs. Attributes

Element vs. Attributes

Validation Issues

More About Schemas

Build a DTD to Match Your Business Requirements

Create DTDs That Support All Trading Partners

In Conclusion

Author: Betty Harvey

Email: harvey@eccnet.com

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